Where is Everyone?

Where is Everyone?

"Where is everyone?" documents a three week road trip around the south eastern states of North America to explore the scientific and supernatural subcultures that exist in the region. Through doing so the series offers an insight into humanity's innate desire for answers to our existence.

Only the Dead Have Seen the End of the War

Throughout this body of work, I have researched the way that the conflict in the Middle East has been portrayed by the mass media. From the traditional, even iconic photojournalism to the detached drone mounted cameras as well as the complexities of the Internet.

Instead of presenting a series of traditional war images, this series shows a body of simplified and re-appropriated images that convey key events throughout the Middle Eastern conflict. The re-appropriated imagery has been obtained from a variety of sources, including news footage, YouTube videos and news-paper clippings.

The images form a timeline and are not intended to detail all or even the most significant events. They are interpretations and are intended to act as prompts to promote discussion. They are presented in a way that invites the viewer to decode and question what they see.


This series explores the shapes and colours associated with the light spectrum and instruments used to split white light into the rainbow of colours that exists in the visible light spectrum. The images are created using an entirely analogue and camera-less process. Each image is captured on 5 x 4 instant film.

The Fire

In this series I present images of the Macintosh Building fire incident from May 2014. In the chaos I took a small number of images on black and white 35mm film that show the event as it unfolded. The images are an attempt to create feeling and emotion through the use of portraiture and abstraction.

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